Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Cushions!

I did a road trip to South Carolina about 6 months ago and found 5 dining room chairs at an estate sale, did some stellar negotiating and got 5 mid century dining chairs for $100. It was such a score, until we got home and saw that 3 of the 5 had cracks in the wood. I was super bummed but decided the other two would still work out. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought 3 yards of fabric, 1" thick seat foam from Wal-Mart and batting. Last but not least I snagged a can of spray adhesive after I reviewed a check list I found online about how to actually upholster seats. I had previously bought a heavy duty stapler and staples so I was all set.
I plucked out all the old staples (and then removed the old fabric and batting) with pliers and a flat head screw driver. This took about a whole day to complete all 5 chairs. I was proud of the work and happy that step was over, sore hands and all. Then a few days later, during a good baby nap I started to put it all together with the fabric. First, cut the foam to fit the wood, and then lay the fabric out leaving a 3" overhang so there is room to staple it down. You need to spray the wood with the spray adhesive so the foam sticks to the wood and won't slide around under the fabric. Next, lay the batting over the foam (sprayed the foam) and then place the fabric over the batting so your pattern is in the position you want it. I laid this all out on the floor first and then flipped it over to check my pattern. Pull all the corners in and staple them first. The sides all get pulled tight and stapled after that. 
Here is what I came up with...


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's 2015!!!

Christmas happened, it's as awesome... I can't believe it's already the year my baby will turn 2! It's just insane how time is running right by my eyes.  I don't have much time for nap time, so here are a few ideas I have for 2015....

I've decided this yr I'm going to help get the baby really involved with play dates and hanging out with other kids. Time to socialize and learn to share! So I've joined a local MeetUp group and went to our first event today, story time at Barnes and Noble, so far so good!

Next is I'm going to explore my new camera and photography, I am in love with my new camera and so impressed  with how much better it is than a point and shoot camera. It's like a fine science and a skill to learn. So glad I took a class in college. It's my leg up!

Nap time is over! Woohoo!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Decorating Project

We happen to have an amazing, huge magnolia tree in our back yard, so it seems only necessary to use those giant leaves to decorate the house. I did a quick magnolia leaf project this afternoon and its coming together! I used Rustoleum "Champagne Mist" metallic spray paint and the leaves from my back yard.
Here's how it went...

Step1: Wash the leaves, you don't want dusty or dirty leaves, nor do you want to bring little critters into your house!
Step2: Dry the leaves, the sun works best as this is how leaves dry naturally when still on the tree.
Step3: Lay them out on a cardboard box or something you don't care to get paint on.
Step4: spray the top side, a little at a time. You don't want drip marks on the leaves.

You're Finished: Put them where ever you want! You can do the same with pine cones too!
Happy Decorating!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

First Fall in Charlotte

Its our first beautiful Fall in Charlotte and its not disappointing. We have this beautiful Maple tree in our back yard that's taller than our house, our bedroom window looks out onto this tree and its by far the most wonderful sight to see when waking up. Right out my window is a stellar combination of pink, red, kelly green, and yellow. Its like the sun has scorched the top and its slowly making its way down the tree. Firey red at the top, and still summer green at the bottom.
this is the best view ever!

We made spaghetti for dinner last night and right when I start to make dinner, around 5pm, the baby has a melt down. Every day. So I decided to just put the baby on the counter top while I cook. (he was very closely monitored and was not even for a second out of my sight).  He was a happy camper for a good 15min. I found him two old milk caps to play with and he was delighted to just sit in the corner. I stood right next to him while I made the sauce and was just a peach! :o) 
hope the week is off to a good start for everyone.